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To be the foremost innovative telehealth organization providing world class healthcare solution to teeming consumers.


Offer affordable on-demand healthcare services through superior E-health technology solution that meets stakeholders expectations

Core Values

  1. To bridge the gap between patients requiring immediate, easily accessible, affordable medical attention and healthcare professionals/specialists who provide healthcare services by removing onerous challenges of healthcare access, meeting need for urgency, convenience, and most importantly, flexibility of time.
  2. To give patients the freedom to dictate the quality of healthcare received and deliver 24/7/365 unparalleled quality, convenient and affordable healthcare on demand.
  3. To create a world class patient experience that transforms lives.

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Accessing appropriate healthcare providers – Doctors and Medical Specialists, is a problem in both rural and urban areas. Doctorcare247 is solving this problem by enabling providers to extend their geographic boundaries for improved access to primary care and specialty providers. The Doctorcare247 platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and at any time.


The use of telehealth as opposed to physical visits to medical facilities increases savings on health plans and for individual patients. Doctorcare247 will work with Health Management Organisation (HMO’s) to provide coverage in most states. Patients with high cost plans will benefit from Doctorate24/7 as it provides access at lower costs. Using the platform also cuts out all other ancillary costs and convenience of accessing physical medical facilities.


With Doctorcare247 patients have immediate access to medical care from the comfort of their homes, offices or even on the go. Patients avoid long waits in hospitals and clinics, and get prompt help in cases of emergencies.
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