Do I need to be sick before I consult with a Doctor

I feel okay and there’s really no reason for me to consult with a Doctor! …. These and many more of such statements are what we get from people these days.
People generally believe it is until you are ill, have signs of illness or close to death you run to see a Doctor.


The last thing you want to do in the middle of a hectic work schedule or life demands is to take a day off to visit a hospital or clinic.
But are there any good reasons why, even when you are feeling okay, you still need to consult a doctor?

If you are truly healthy, a doctor can help establish that and also identify your individual risk factors and guide you towards prevention. Your risk factors and signs of being prone to a disease changes as you age.

It is of great importance to have a doctor review/discuss your medical history and educate you on health and safety tips that will enhance and guide your road-map to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you know many deaths and life threatening medical conditions have been avoided due to regular consultations with a healthcare professional?


Here are five good and genuine reasons why you need to consult with a doctor today:
A. To Establish a Good Relationship With Your Physician:

If you have never consulted with a doctor, you can never have a relationship with one. A relationship keeps you abreast with your health status and helps you keep your developing a medical condition/illness in check. .
B. Consulting with a doctor establish Your Health Risk
C. You keep Your Body in Check when you consult with a doctor
D. To Keep Your Mind in Check when you take a day off to see a doctor
E. For Prevention, Prevention and Prevention you need a doctor today
Health protection and prevention is the key to staying healthy for the long haul. .
Remember, prevention is better than cure. .

Avoiding to chat/speak to a healthcare practitioner till when you need one may result to late diagnosis of medical diseases or death.

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