Halitosis colloquially known as mouth odor is a situation in which there is bad breath coming from the mouth.

This can result in a considerable loss of self-esteem and stigmatization in people who have that experience. It can however be temporary or chronic, genuine and in some cases perceived.


Halitosis can result from severe life-threatening conditions like chronic liver disease but this is in the minority of cases, however, for the sake of this discourse emphasis would be placed on causes arising directly from the mouth.

  • How bad is bad breath?
  • How do we prevent it?
  • how do we treat it?

These have been decades old questions that have been on as early as the 15th century B.C! with different answers to varying degrees of success.


A few months ago, I watched a comedy skit of a guy who was blowing his friends and cars away with his bad breath (even after he was forcefully subjected to intense oral cleansing by concerned friends), There are different toothpaste companies run ads featuring the guy with the good breath and in some cases bad breath.

My take is that bad breath is always bad, which begs the question, who is the arbiter of the good breath, bad breath conundrum?

Self-diagnosis of bad breath is inherently quite difficult because of the phenomenon of acclimatization and is usually affected by what we perceive to be bad; most people first get to learn about bad breath through friends and family members, sometimes even from strangers and even more embarrassingly when u lean in for that kiss and your partner pulls away, my brother/sister that might be a clue!

Your dentist could also be an unbiased solicitor you could ask.


Most times what we eat affect the kinds of breath we produce, foods containing such as garlic, onions (though essential for the sweetness of some of our meals) are some of these.

Also, our habits such as tobacco smoking, alcoholic beverages can lead to a malodourous breath.

This can however be reversed by brushing your teeth regularly while also scraping (and believe me I mean scrape, not injure) your tongue especially the back because that is where that ooze is coming from.

I do this always, I even eat balanced diet everyday (eating balanced diet is a nice way to keep breath fresh) but my breath stinks, you may ask.

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