Our telehealth platform delivers health/medical care from anywhere through the use of information and communication technology.

  • With your mobile device, computer or phone, schedule consultation sessions at your convenience through the use of our branded application on IOS, Android or via the web.


  • Get 24/7/365 e-health consultations through our list of renowned, Nigerian Medical & Dental Council certified Doctors And Specialists; as well as foreign Specialists, wherever you are.


  • Distance, logistics and long waiting hours in hospitals will no longer be an impediment to accessing quality healthcare services from medical providers online/real- time, anytime and anywhere.
The Doctorcare247 Symptom checker

The Doctorcare247 Symptom checker

Experiencing Symptoms But Not Sure What They Mean?

The Doctorcare247 Symptom checker helps you understand your medical symptoms and provide you with possible health conditions and treatment(s)related to the presenting symptoms.

This tool does not provide medical advice and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Reduce hospital re-admissions with timely health tracking and intervention with Remote Patient Monitoring on the Virtual Practice

RPM entails the monitoring and management of a patient’s health condition in real-time by a healthcare provider.

RPM makes the routine monitoring of patient’s post-consultation easier by making use of portable remote devices designed to measure specific vital signs.

remote patient monitoring

Accessible from the web and mobile Apps

Audio | Visual | Text Consultation
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Consultations will be done via a secure communication channel in high definition video, audio and/or text chat between patients and remote healthcare providers (Doctors/Specialists).

Our platform is built to transmit images, data and sound in real-time. Under text consultation, patients can post questions about simple health conditions.

Test reports can be included for emphasis and clarity. Patients are notified via the platform when their question(s) have been answered. These reponses do not come in real time, but will not reduce the value of the medical advice given.

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